Surgery Information

This page will guide you through questions and answers concerning your foot or ankle surgery.  When surgery is required, it is based on the proper diagnosis of your condition and after exhausting most conservative modes of treatment.

All surgeries will be performed at either the office, hospital or surgery center for your convenience.  Our office will pre-certify your surgery by contacting your insurance company.  Payment plans are also available through our business office.

Our office will assist you in the planning and implementation of surgery by scheduling a preoperative visit after the surgery date has been established.  The preoperative visit will usually occur the week of your surgery or the same day for a minor, in-office procedure.

Preoperative visit

This visit will consist of an explanation of your surgery, its indications, risks and operative and postoperative course.  You will sign consent forms and have preoperative labs performed prior to the surgery if it is scheduled in the hospital or outpatient facility.   You will get prescriptions for pain medication.  Preoperative labs will be ordered and performed.  Questions concerning payment and financial responsibility will also be addressed at this time.  All consents will be signed electronically and copies of this can be sent directly to your email for filing and storage.

Prior to Surgery

The night prior to surgery, you should take a shower and wash your surgery site.  Do not apply lotions, creams or nail polish.  You should not eat or drink anything after midnight the day of your surgery.

You will get prescriptions for pain medications which you should have filled prior to the surgery.  Antibiotics are usually not prescribed prior to the surgery unless otherwise indicated by your physician.  Dr. Kline will give you the exact time of when to show up at the facility for your surgery.

Antibiotics will be given to you through the IV in the office setting surgery, hospital and surgery center.

Many times, the hospital or surgery center will call you prior to surgery to verify the procedure, insurance information and any other information deemed necessary.   You may also be direct to register prior to surgery at the hospital or surgery center which is conveniently located  close to our office.

It is normal to feel anxiety and restlessness prior to surgery.  In fact, you may not sleep well the night before your surgery.  This is entirely normal.  On the day of your surgery, your anesthesiologist will give you medications that will relax you.  Remember, the surgery will be a very pleasant experience.

Day of Surgery


On the day of the surgery, you will arrive at the office, hospital or surgery center as directed.  Remember to not eat or drink anything when getting up  in the morning unless otherwise directed.  You may wear loose clothing and undergarments to the surgery center.  Wear something that you can easily get on and off the surgical foot and leg including loose gym pants or pajamas.

When you arrive at the facility, you will be checked-in by a member of our staff or the hospital or day surgery/surgery center staff. The admission process is usually very quick. Most of your information will already have been secured prior to the surgery.  Please avoid wearing any jewelry, piercings, nail polish and cosmetics, and leave contact lenses at home or bring the lens case with you.