Foot and Ankle Specialists of Corpus Christi is a full service practice with on-site office x-ray facilities, MRI and hospital radiology services, hospital laboratory services, biomechanical evaluation and orthotic construction, minor emergency office treatment facility, minor surgical procedure room and cast room.

Digital X-Ray Facilities

Our office provides digital x-rays including CD copies when requested.

In-Office Surgery

We also provide in-office surgery for certain procedures.  For this service, you will also be provided with in-0ffice anesthesia through Anesthesia On The Go.  Read more about this service . . . 

Below is a list of common foot and ankle disorders that we treat through medical, surgical and biomechanical techniques.  

“Our Doctors are residency trained and specialized to treat your foot disorder. ” 

•Achilles Tendonitis
•Achilles injury or rupture/Repair
•Amputations and amputation care
•Ankle Arthroscopy
•Ankle Fractures/Trauma
•Ankle Sprain
•Athlete’s Foot
•Bone tumors
•Bunions/Bunion Corrective Surgery
•Children’s Feet
•Diabetic neuropathy
•Flat Feet
•Foot and Ankle Injuries
•Foot Health
•Forefoot Surgery
•Fracture care
•Fungal Nails
•Ganglion Cyst
•Haglund’s Deformity/ Retrocalcaneal Exostosis
•Hallus Valgus / Bunion Deformity
•Hallux Rigidus
•Hammertoe Deformity
•Heel Fissuring
•Heel Pain
•High Arched Feet / Pes Cavus
•Ingrown Toenails
•Marine Injuries
•Metatarsal fractures and lengthening
•Morton’s Neuroma
•Nail Injury
•Nail Problems
•Plantar Fasciitis/heel spur syndrome
•Plantar Wart
•Rearfoot Surgery
•Rheumatoid Arthritis
•Skin conditions
•Soft tissue tumors
•Subungual Exostosis
•Tailor’s Bunion / Bunionette
•Venous Stasis

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